[Ffmpeg-devel] Google Summer of Code 2007

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg
Sat Mar 3 19:11:51 CET 2007


On 3/3/07, Derk-Jan Hartman <hartman at videolan.org> wrote:
> On 3-mrt-2007, at 2:25, Justin Ruggles wrote:
> > Harikrishnan Varma wrote:
> >> Audio:
> >> * MPEG-1 Layer 3 and MPEG-2 Layer 3. Both CBR & ABR are supported.
> >> * AC-3
> >> * MP3 Surround (In drffmpeg we use a dll supplied by Thomson)
> >
> > Now that the AC-3 decoder is hopefully close to being merged (waiting
> > patiently), I think E-AC-3 would be a great SoC project.  There are
> > clear decoding specs and this year there are samples to work with.
> > It's
> > also something that could be easily split out into incremental steps.
> >
> > If nobody does it through SoC, I'll probably try to implement it
> > myself.
> >  Personally, I really want a good E-AC-3 decoder so I can work on an
> > encoder without having to install Windows in order to test it. :)
> I have another idea for ffmpeg's GSoC.
> Improving multichannel analog audio framework. As I understand,
> multichannel audio is really weak now in ffmpeg, and especially audio
> channel order concept is totally lost. I think this is one of the
> last big missing things in avcodec, and that it is real important for
> future versions of ffmpeg. It might also be something that google
> will see as an important element for such a project. A possible
> additional element could be channel reordering.
> I have worked on this for VLC's OSX audio module and have realized
> the importance of proper channel designations in applications that
> handle multichannel audio.

That makes me think of two vaporware that have been meant to be
developped for ages:

libavmunge: ffmpeg video filters framework
libavaudio: ffmpeg audio filters framework

Unfortunately, it seems like such tasks are too hard for a summer project. :-(


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