[Ffmpeg-devel] Real-time mpegts encoding and streaming - System Built and Run Succesfully

Aurelien Jacobs aurel
Sun Mar 4 18:34:27 CET 2007

On Sun, 4 Mar 2007 17:06:59 +0000 (GMT)
Theofilos Karachristos <teo_kar at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi to all again
> I apologise for posting again on this mailinglist, but this time I don't
> have any complain, but on the contrary I want to thank you all for building
> this wonderfull tool.

Nice to read.

> I finally managed to solve all the problems I have with the ffmpeg library.
> I also understood the idea of the protocols and was able to build and use
> one of my one. Actually, the idea of the use of protocols in ffmpeg is great.
> It solves many problems.

It seems a documentation about using protocols with ffmpeg is quite desired
by many ffmpeg users. Now that you've understood it, maybe you could try
to write a documentation draft for it ? It would surely be very welcome.


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