[Ffmpeg-devel] Video stutter in decoder

Cyril Zorin cyril.zorin
Fri Mar 16 02:47:56 CET 2007


> you can do whatever is fastest and cleanest, converting x-endian
> to native endian during rle decompression for example should be
> faster than doing conversation over all pixels

That's not the only case though. I'll also have to do on the fly  
endian conversion in routines that, for example, get two color values  
from the stream and do something with them. It just gets really  
annoying in the end.

> also doing a simple dumb x-endian to native endian conversation  
> over all
> pixels very significantly increases the chances that the patch will be
> rejected as this does not belong into a codec but rather into  
> libswscale

Oh? Because all colors that come from the input files are little  
endian. So where would I write code to convert them so it decodes  
correctly on big endian systems (I'm running on PPC)?

> now copy or not well i dont know, how hard it is to avoid the copy,
> its not my intent to make the codec overly complex and obfuscated
> so if its really a problem then a simple copy into the buffer from
> get_buffer() is fine, also simply returning your own buffer should
> work if CODEC_CAP_DR1 is not set ... there might be a bug in ffplay
> if it doesnt work

Okay, I'll just give it my own buffer and not set CODEC_CAP_DR1 and  
I'll see what happens. I think this is the best choice because as I  
said earlier, making the decoder account for a difference in pitch  
between in/out images makes the code very ugly.


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