[Ffmpeg-devel] Video stutter in decoder

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Mar 16 04:06:28 CET 2007


On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 09:47:56PM -0400, Cyril Zorin wrote:
> Hello,
> >you can do whatever is fastest and cleanest, converting x-endian
> >to native endian during rle decompression for example should be
> >faster than doing conversation over all pixels
> That's not the only case though. I'll also have to do on the fly  
> endian conversion in routines that, for example, get two color values  
> >from the stream and do something with them. It just gets really  
> annoying in the end.
> >also doing a simple dumb x-endian to native endian conversation  
> >over all
> >pixels very significantly increases the chances that the patch will be
> >rejected as this does not belong into a codec but rather into  
> >libswscale
> Oh? Because all colors that come from the input files are little  
> endian. So where would I write code to convert them so it decodes  
> correctly on big endian systems (I'm running on PPC)?

first add a new pixel format (anti native endian bgr15or16 i assume) 
to the PixelFormat enum in libavutil
then add a conversation routine to libswscale see
svn di -r22235:22236 swscale* which added pal8

you can also optionally added special converters for bswaping it
see rgb2rgbWrapper() for this

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