[Ffmpeg-devel] Bug in pts computation in compute_pkt_fields() ?

Martin Wache M.Wache
Wed Mar 21 00:37:50 CET 2007

M?ns Rullg?rd schrieb:
> Martin Wache said:
>> M?ns Rullg?rd schrieb:
>>> Are you aware that a PES stream may only consist of one elementary stream?
>>> Files such as those produced by VDR are not conforming to specs.
>> Yes, I remember that I read it somewhere. I do send video and audio in
>> one stream, is it possible that this causes the problems? As I said
>> earlier av_read_packet() works good, so I assumed that av_read_frame()
>> would be able to cope with that as well.
>> Could you remind me what the problem with those files is?
> Such files are not allowed by the spec, so creating them is a bad idea.
> FFmpeg still handles them without problems.  A hardware decoder might be
> pickier.

Ok, if it is just against the spec, I think it is okay in the case of
the vdr. Those files where never meant to be exchanged with other
programs, they are files which are only for internal use. Of course
people try to use them with different programs, but I don't think one
can blame Klaus (the author of vdr) for this.



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