[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC/PATCH] matroska demuxer doesn't decode the zlib encoding on vobsubs

elupus elupus
Sun Nov 18 02:48:37 CET 2007


Currently the vobsub data coming out of lavf, is zlib encoded, and can't be 
fed directly into lavc's dvd demuxer, even thou the codec_id matches.

This "patch" decodes the zlib encoding. It's uggly and hackish, so not 
intended to be included in ffmpeg. It's mainly for discussion, and for 
anybody that needs vobsub support from lavf.

Apperently any track in matroska can be either zlib or lzo compressed. (i'd 
assume there might be others). mplayer's matroska demuxer handles this, but 
lavf doesn't currently.

Would be nice to see support for this in ffmpeg's demuxer too. I doubt i'll 
work on it much more, but maybe this could get some mplayer dev going adding 
support since they want to get away from their own demuxers and use lavf's 
instead :)


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