[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec h264 crashes

David DeHaven dave
Fri Dec 5 19:50:55 CET 2008

>> FFmpeg decodes it fine, I can transcode and play back the resulting
>> stream and everything looks intact.
>> MPlayer, however, crashes when it tries to decode the first (?) SPS
>> NAL unit:
> you tried -demuxer lavf ?

Drat.. that worked. <hangs head in shame> Ok, so it must be demux_ts  
in libmpdemux...

>> I can make a portion of the file available for testing if needed.
> yes please upload some of the file (if the partial file causes  
> crash...)

Will do then and I guess I'll raise the subject on mplayer-eng-dev :)  
I might poke at it with a stick first so I don't waste anyone's time  
on it.


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