[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec h264 crashes

David DeHaven dave
Fri Dec 5 22:31:11 CET 2008

>> I can make a portion of the file available for testing if needed.
> yes please upload some of the file (if the partial file causes  
> crash...)

Uploaded a 10 meg clip:

It's not the same clip as before, but it crashes in the same way. I  
tried uploading a text file describing the crash (as per instructions)  
but it says "553 Could not create file", let me know if you really  
need that or not...

Playback with "-demuxer lavf" is dicey. It decodes OK, but video seems  
to play back at 1/2 rate and AV sync goes way off. If I use -framedrop  
it complains about pts values (pts value <= previous) and I get no  
video. At least it doesn't crash :)

Incidentally, 720p and 480p clips from this thing play just fine. I  
haven't tried 480i yet.


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