[FFmpeg-devel] Parallelizing MPEG encoding with MPI

Andreas Simbuerger simi
Sun Dec 7 10:57:24 CET 2008

On Sat, 2008-12-06 at 20:27 -0800, Roman Shaposhnik wrote:
> >> Not quite true. MPI implementations are capable of utilizing
> >> shared memory for message passing if they notice that entities
> >> are running on the same machine. That's one way of utilizing
> >> those crazy multicore CPUs *and* clusters at the same time -- just
> >> write MPI and let the runtime figure out the most efficient way
> >> of passing messages.

Unfortunately dealing with heterogenous clusters can be a real pain.
(Transmitting structs by defining extents and displacements :-/, imagine
the 'funny' work to pass the MpegEncContext struct by using a MPI_Struct
datatype :-) )

The easier method by using the MPI_BYTE datatype breaks on this machines
if the extents and alignments don't match :-(


P.S.: Sorry for Top-Posting my last reply. I could swear i replied to
the last one in the thread :-/

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