[FFmpeg-devel] Google Summer of Code participation

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann
Fri Apr 3 00:30:29 CEST 2009

Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the last patch which moved the 
AVPacket struct to the wrong place in avcodec.h. I attached a patch to 
correct this (tb.movedAgainAVPacket.patch).

The second patch I attached is for changing the AVCodec struct to 
contain a AVPacket*.

I also changed every codec I could find. Now, each codec uses the 
appropriate pointer in its provided AVCodec struct. Next to this, a 
wrapper function decode_frame2() is introduced which passes the .data 
and .size attributes of the AVPacket to the existing decode_frame() 
I've respected any prefixes I've found.
Unfortunately, some of the codecs use totally different names for the 
AVCodec struct than "[prefix]_decoder". I've found two of them, 
vapi_mpeg2.c and mlpdec.c. It might be that I've missed one! I looked 
over all files more than three times today (until I made my first 
git-based patch ever :) ) but double checking seems necessary to me.

According to the change of the AVCodec struct, the corresponding 
decoding functions in libavcodec/utils.c have been wrapped like the 
decoding function of the coders.
(there was an avcodec_decode_audio2() already, I wrapped this using 
avcodec_decode_audio3() - I don't know if this is correct of if I should 
have altered the existing ...2() ).

I've successfully compiled my patched version using a git working copy 
cloned at 23:17 GMT+1.
I've also get rid of any tab's as far as I can tell... maybe some made 
it into the patch, I appologize in advance.

I would have posted this quite big patch to the list as a new topic 
using the [PATCH] prefix but since it requires the first attached patch 
to be applied before, I mail it here...

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