[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg skips the first I-frame in my cameras mp4 files

Vitor Sessak vitor1001
Sat Aug 8 07:55:34 CEST 2009

William R. Zwicky wrote:
> Now that I've answered a question you didn't ask, perhaps I can ask a 
> question you can't answer. =^p
> I just got an HD camcorder (Sanyo FH1), and am trying to edit the files 
> with purely open-source tools.  Cinelerra works brilliantly but can't 
> directly edit mp4 files, so I need to pre-process them with ffmpeg.  
> Unfortunately the first second of video is corrupted on every file it 
> converts.  It looks like ffmpeg skips over the first I-frame, and only 
> processes the P-frames.  As soon as the next I-frame comes along, the 
> output clears up and looks fine.

I suggest you upload a sample file as described in 
http://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html . It is very unlikely anyone can help 
you without having a sample to look at...


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