[FFmpeg-devel] r19654 - trunk/configure

Michael Kostylev michael.kostylev
Sun Aug 16 07:44:44 CEST 2009

M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:

>>> Log:
>>> Use pkg-config to generate the linker flags for libdirac.
>>> We do the same for libschroedinger and already use pkg-config to generate
>>> the CFLAGS for libdirac anyway, so there is no new dependency.
>>> Thanks to Kovensky for reporting breakage on IRC.
>> Why the sudden change of heart? When I brought this up almost a year
>> ago, it was denied after a fair bit of discussion.
> There has been no change of heard, I was simply not paying attention.
> That said, I guess this might be one of those cases that cannot easily
> be solved properly due to the bad design practices of the libdirac
> developers.  pkg-config is hell when cross-compiling, but I'd be
> surprised if libdirac can be cross-compiled at all, let alone run on
> anything non-x86, so this isolated instance probably doesn't make
> things any worse than libdirac already is.

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/i386-pc-msdosdjgpp/lib/pkgconfig \
../source/configure --cross-prefix=i386-pc-msdosdjgpp- ... \
--enable-libdirac --enable-libschroedinger

works as it should. 


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