[FFmpeg-devel] incoming clean up and diskspace (was: Re: Roundup being migrated)

Attila Kinali attila
Sat Feb 14 17:51:50 CET 2009

On Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:10:45 +0100
Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:

> > When the files are sorted out in a reasonable way
> > and there is still not enough free space, i'll add
> > more of the unallocated diskspace to that partition
> > as needed.
> but where is the relation?
> the sorting wont free any space up and it may or may not help
> humans in freeing space up this isnt clear ...
> the only relation i see is that you will give more space if the
> sorting happens but not if it does not, what am i missing?

As Reimar said, it's some sort of pressure. I kept repeating
for years that someone should look at incoming and sort the files.
It happend one or two times that someone lowered himself to sort
a few files, but only a few...and incomming kept growing.
After 3 years of watching i'm pretty much fed up with the situation.
And as one of those responsible for the proper operation of natsuki
i'm against letting this mess grow any further.

I would sort the files myself, but i'm so much out of touch
with development that i can hardly judge anything.
> I could write a script that automates it but someone would have to
> review it for security issues also it would have to run some tool
> like ffmpeg or mplayer on each uploaded file to identify filetype
> and codectypes, you know running any tool with user provide data is
> a security issue, so id like to hear first if this is ok or not before
> i or someone else spends time writing such script ...

I'm not against any script for automation and i trust the developers
of FFmpeg and MPlayer to have enough intelligence and knowledge
to avoid the most common mistakes, so that at least for testing,
and in the first phase no security audit will be necessary.

			Attila Kinali

The true CS students do not need to know how to program.
They learn how to abstract the process of programming to
the point of making programmers obsolete.
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