[FFmpeg-devel] What is the relationship between wmv1, wmv2 and wmv3 and msmpeg4?

zhihang wang zhihang.wang
Sat Jun 20 18:21:46 CEST 2009

> Just a question: which change you made that made ffmpeg more readable, and
> not just more readable for you? Changing everything to your favorite
> conventions/indentation style will surely make it more readable for you, but
> probably not for other people.

This is just the reason why I fork this project.  Please read the latest
version. It will show that it is more readable, although it can't be
compiled now.
For example, I use ffavs_video.h to replace mpegvideo.h. The ugly
MpegEncContext structure is split to many structures. The decoding files of
wmv, flash h263 and so on, are also changed to make it more readable.

Best Regards
zhihang wang

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