[FFmpeg-devel] Export colormap index and alpha map from dvdsubtitle

Ian Caulfield ian.caulfield
Wed Jun 24 10:14:51 CEST 2009

2009/6/23 Erik Van Grunderbeeck <erik at arawix.com>:
> Hallo;
> To decode the colormap of subtitles correctly (with info from the ifo files)
> the colormap index and alpha values of the subtitle are needed.
> I propose exporting them via AVSubtitle and the entries in pict.data[2] and
> pict.data[3]. Unless someone has a better proposal.
> Attached patch does just that.

Would it make more sense to pass the IFO colourmap in extradata? That
way Nero mp4 files with dvd subtitles could be decoded properly too...


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