[FFmpeg-devel] Continuous FATE Cycles for DOS/DJGPP

Måns Rullgård mans
Fri Mar 6 10:53:03 CET 2009

Reimar D?ffinger <Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de> writes:

> On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 06:22:59PM -0800, Mike Melanson wrote:
>> Currently, the tester reports that gcc 3.3 and 4.2 both pass 250/252 
>> tests while 4.3 only passes 125/252 tests. So it runs the risk of 
>> stinking up the FATE main page.
> Who cares? If you think enough people who use FATE are clueless enough,
> just add an appropriate warning that some platforms are "naturally
> buggy" and we do not officially support them.

Maybe Mike could add a field on each line that could contain such

> Of course, they should be ordered in a way that makes sense, the current
> order "by date added" is a bad idea (and at least Alpha is too far up
> IMO)...

At least Alpha passes the tests most of the time.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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