[FFmpeg-devel] New Mailing List

Naz lists
Wed Mar 18 10:05:56 CET 2009

Hi all,
    I have been using ffserver for a few months now. Something that 
myself and all other ffserver users that I have come across have found 
is that finding other ffserver users is difficult, as we tend to be 
fairly evenly scattered around the various time zones. There are s few 
of us in the list here, but we don't tend to get much attention due to 
the fact that most ffmpeg developers seem to prefer to steer clear of 

    I am proposing that a new mailing list be set up for ffserver. An 
ffserver-users list would help us poor, scattered users discuss our 
issues and help each other. As it stands, we are left to leave our 
questions on ffmpeg-users, where they are most often ignored or dealt 
with inaqequately.

    I have been a subscriber to -users since about September last year. 
I count 21 threads about ffserver, 12 of which don't even have any 
responses. Several of them are mine. I have managed to get bcoudourier 
to kindly assist me when he can, but a community approach to assistance 
where people exchange help between themselves would be preferable rather 
than relying on one dev.

    So I would like to propose the creation of a ffserver-users mailing 
list. How do other people feel about this?

- Naz.

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Web:  www.mrnaz.com
Ph:   +61 400 460 662

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