[FFmpeg-devel] VQA v3 (was: Re: GSoC 2009)

Mike Melanson mike
Sat Mar 21 16:48:48 CET 2009

The Deep Explorer wrote:
>>> You may want to get started on this sooner rather than later in order to
>>> determine if the FFmpeg project is right for you during this Summer of
>>> Code. Ask questions.
> I got my machine up at last...suse 10.3 somehow 11 wont get installed...
> downloaded installed ffmpeg , I have downloaded the sample .vqa files
> ..will start now ...any pointers as to how to approach the problem (other than
> reading the docs :).. would be great....

Your task is to implement decoding of VQA version 3 video. All of this 
work will occur in libavcodec/vqavideo.c. Open up that file and search 
for "case 3:". You will notice the comment, "Not implemented yet".

> I think I will try to trace the flow of the code for the two versions ,
> Any pointers as to how to run the vqa files is appreciated ...

Get the existing FFmpeg code compiled. Download some of the v1 and v2 
VQA files. Run a command like:

ffmpeg -i file.vqa file.avi

Watch file.avi in a separate movie player to verify that FFmpeg did its 
job. If SDL is installed and ffplay got build, play the file directly with:

ffplay file.vqa

Another trick, for analyzing a file frame by frame:

mkdir frames
ffmpeg -i file.vqa frames/%05d.png

     -Mike Melanson

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