[FFmpeg-devel] SVC decoder into ffmpeg

Tomperi Seppo Seppo.Tomperi
Wed May 6 14:37:45 CEST 2009


I have started adding SVC decoding into ffmpeg h.264 decoder. I already
wrote some SVC header parsing code into ffmpeg and intra quality
enhancement layer from very simple SVC stream decodes ok when
no_inter_layer_pred_flag is set.

Next thing to do would be enabling inter layer intra prediction, decode
both base layer and enhancement layer and then multiplex these layers as
final output. I think for that I would have to initialize two (or more)
h.264 decoders, one for each layer. Could someone more familiar with
ffmpeg h.264 decoding give some guidelines on how to do this?

-Seppo Tomperi

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