[FFmpeg-devel] libx264 and Delphi

Evgeniy Polevshikov polevshikov
Tue Sep 29 15:39:37 CEST 2009

Dear developers,

I met the following issue.
Some time ago I have created COM object which is simple video converter, 
i.e. wrapper of FFMPEG.
COM object was developed in MS Visual Studio 2008.
I've created console test application which calls methods of this COM and
converts video files without any errors/exceptions. Test application was 
developed in Visual Studio too.

Then I have decided to test my COM in Delphi.
I have found out that in a case when methods of COM-object are called 
from Delphi there is an error at
avcodec_open(..) for H264 codec - it raises exception "Invalid floating 
point operation".
But there is no exceptions in avcodec_open(..) if I call COM from 
console application.

Does somebody met this kind of errors?
May be there are some restrictions of ffmpeg which cause this exception?
Thanks in advance.

PS: other encoders runs perfectly without any exceptions.


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