[FFmpeg-devel] MJPEG decoder crash!!!

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Jul 23 04:20:56 CEST 2010

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 07:58:40PM -0400, Pavel Pavlov wrote:
> Hello list, I reported a bug, I actually took time to try to find out what was wrong, I posted a bug report and it was simply closed with a very informative message saying: .
> Here's the link to the closed bug report: http://bit.ly/dmUG0V
> How should I understand that? I never tried to learn to read people's mind, but can you please help me to decompress meaning of that "."
> Does that mean that the bug doesn't exist, does that mean that somebody didn't like how I reported the bug (just like here http://bit.ly/dmUG0V I had to push that there is a bug and reopen it so that it gets proper attention)?

i would suggest
you read bugreports.html and provide the information that it lists because
if you dont your bugreport is technically invalid. If its closed or not
as invalid depends on peoples mood.
And their mood worsens if you randomly close other bugreports like 2113
and add unrelated comments to random issues.

That said when people provide an analysis of a crash without gdb output
thats a bad sign, generally meaning the analysis is of low quality or
outright wrong.

in general i would suggest you put a bit more time in individual issues you
look at so the information you post is actually helpfull and doesnt look
just like trolling to everyone.
For example if you think there is some code somewhere that is better than
something we have, make sure that really so, test it and then post a patch
that merges it. Many people will be happy about this but if you just post
such things in unrelated bugreports people will just ignore you or worse


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If you really think that XML is the answer, then you definitly missunderstood
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