[FFmpeg-devel] Interpolation algorithms for FFmpeg

Jason Garrett-Glaser darkshikari
Thu Jul 29 01:21:48 CEST 2010

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 4:20 PM, Jason Garrett-Glaser
<darkshikari at gmail.com> wrote:
>> * picture scaling by doing interpolation along the direction of most equal
>> ?color or otherwise along the texture pattern
> Already done and open source, see EEDI.
>> * video frame rate changing by interpolation along motion vectors
> Already done and open source, see MVtools.
> Dark Shikari

Also I should note that on real-world video content, no spatial,
temporal, or spatiotemporal interpolation algorithm has ever beaten
NNEDI in any test that I've seen.

Dark Shikari

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