[FFmpeg-devel] Flash 10, x264, howto question

David Favor david
Wed Jun 23 15:34:59 CEST 2010

Currently I'm using this commend to turn audios
into videos, using a single frame image. And yes
I'm using -r 2 rather than -r 1 to get around a
problem with the Movist player being unable to
play -r 1 files. I'll eventually file a bug with
them about this.

My flash 9 command is...

    ffmpeg -y -loop_input -r 2 -qscale 15 -i foo.mp3 -shortest \
           -acodec copy -vcodec flv -s 640x360 -aspect 16:9 out.flv

My flash 10 command is...

    ffmpeg -y -loop_input -r 2 -qscale 15 -i foo.mp3 -shortest \
           -acodec copy -threads 0 -vcodec libx264 -vpre superfast \
           -s 640x360 -aspect 16:9 out.flv

My question is if anyone sees anything wrong with the flash 10
encode command, including any refinements.


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