[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Re: new command-line option for ffplay

Alexei Svitkine alexei.svitkine
Fri Jun 25 05:01:43 CEST 2010

> I have no strong opinion on the feature and I'll leave Michael to
> decide. One question comes to mind, won't be the possiblity to execute
> all the ffplay commands be a bonus rather than an issue in your
> particular scenario?

Not really. I want any input to skip the cutscene - i.e. so players
can hit space (the biggest key on the keyboard, so easiest to hit) to
skip it - by default anyway. We'll probably allow the users to tweak
the ffplay invocation command via an .ini file, if they wish, though.

> All this refactoring (move most part of the event_loop code to a
> function) should be a separate patch. Possibly also avoid to re-indent
> the code (see the patch submission guidelines), huge patches are less
> attractive than small nice patches.

Hmm, I would have thought the refactoring would be welcome - since it
makes the code cleaner (the current input loop code is too giant of a
function, imho). Seems the current policy would lead towards bad code
lingering, since there will be less incentive to clean up code if it
has to be done separately.

For instance, I don't really care so much about this specific code
being cleaner - but I thought I'd do a favor to fix it up while I'm
here. Clearly this is not welcome (in the way I did it), so I'd
probably settle for just the simple patch that keeps the function huge
as it is now, and not bother with the cleanup patch after.

So then any cleanup would be left to the actual maintainers - which I
suppose gives you control on what clean up takes place, but seems like
a result of more work for the maintainers.

Sorry for the rant. Please don't consider it when deciding the
usefulness of this patch. Thanks.

Updated patch is attached.

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Index: ffplay.c
--- ffplay.c	(revision 23764)
+++ ffplay.c	(working copy)
@@ -259,6 +259,8 @@
 static int error_concealment = 3;
 static int decoder_reorder_pts= -1;
 static int autoexit;
+static int exit_on_keydown;
+static int exit_on_mousedown;
 static int loop=1;
 static int framedrop=1;
@@ -2815,6 +2817,10 @@
         switch(event.type) {
         case SDL_KEYDOWN:
+            if (exit_on_keydown) {
+                do_exit();
+                break;
+            }
             switch(event.key.keysym.sym) {
             case SDLK_ESCAPE:
             case SDLK_q:
@@ -2883,6 +2889,10 @@
+            if (exit_on_mousedown) {
+                do_exit();
+                break;
+            }
         case SDL_MOUSEMOTION:
             if(event.type ==SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN){
                 x= event.button.x;
@@ -3064,6 +3074,8 @@
     { "sync", HAS_ARG | OPT_FUNC2 | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)opt_sync}, "set audio-video sync. type (type=audio/video/ext)", "type" },
     { "threads", HAS_ARG | OPT_FUNC2 | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)opt_thread_count}, "thread count", "count" },
     { "autoexit", OPT_BOOL | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)&autoexit}, "exit at the end", "" },
+    { "exitonkeydown", OPT_BOOL | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)&exit_on_keydown}, "exit on key down", "" },
+    { "exitonmousedown", OPT_BOOL | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)&exit_on_mousedown}, "exit on mouse down", "" },
     { "loop", OPT_INT | HAS_ARG | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)&loop}, "set number of times the playback shall be looped", "loop count" },
     { "framedrop", OPT_BOOL | OPT_EXPERT, {(void*)&framedrop}, "drop frames when cpu is too slow", "" },
     { "window_title", OPT_STRING | HAS_ARG, {(void*)&window_title}, "set window title", "window title" },

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