[FFmpeg-devel] [VOTE] FFmpeg leader

Jason Garrett-Glaser darkshikari
Sat Oct 2 16:00:19 CEST 2010

> You continue to apply your own rules to ffmpeg instead of ffmpegs rules.
> In ffmpeg the maintainer of code can commit without patches if he belives the
> change to be non controversal. Without this rule developers will leave,
> neither you, nor alex nor mans accepted review of their patches in the past
> Its very odd you 3 now push to rules neither of you 3 is likely to accept
> themselfs. Iam starting to wonder if its true what people have told me
> that you want to destroy ffmpeg and make x264 replace it.
> Trying to manipulate the ffmpeg policy so that everything comes to a halt
> would be in line of that agenda

Again, you are ignoring me.

I said that you maintain all code, therefore you're feeling free to
apply changes to any part of ffmpeg without any consultation with

First you said I was wrong, and that this isn't true.

And now you're saying I was right, and this is true.

Which is it?  Are you feeling free to modify any part of ffmpeg as
much as you want, including public API, without consultation with
anyone, because "you maintain it"?  Or not?  You can't have your cake
and eat it too.

> not to mention neither are patches for x264 publically posted for review

Fucking bullshit.  We post every single patch for days before review
and make sure that every single active developer has looked over them.
 Committing freely is strictly prohibited.  If ffmpeg had a similar
level of code review, the average quality of code might be higher than
ink flicked from a pen onto a pile of paper.

Dark Shikari

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