[FFmpeg-devel] Compromise

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Feb 4 01:56:11 CET 2011


Latest discussion of our compromis on publically logged #ffmpeg-devel without

<michaelni> hi mans, ben said i have to reconcile with you for any compromis
<michaelni> iam not so much interrested to join you guys than iam concerned about the community spliting up and leaving both sides
<michaelni> ping mru
<mru> explain "compromise"
<mru> so far the only hints you've let slip have been totally unacceptable
<mru> and "ben said ..." doesn't exactly convince me you understand what this is about
<michaelni> compromise = "roots replaced by neutral people, stef,me,carl,reimar,baptiste joining commiters, clarification of leadership of new team, clarification of file maintainers vs commiters, some vission doc that lists goals of ffmpeg)
<mru> unacceptable
<michaelni> that is the idea for discussion
<michaelni> what part?
<mru> all of it
<michaelni> you dont want to clarify how the new maintainers are lead?
<mru> first of all, what has "root" got to do with it?
<michaelni> 1 person, democraty, consensus?
<michaelni> root abused their power to allow this without public discussion and vote
<mru> oh but there was
<mru> in october there was a vote
<mru> the outcome was that you got to stay under certain conditions
<mru> you failed to live up to those conditions
<mru> these are now the consequences
<iive> mru: you can't count?
<mru> deal with it
<michaelni> i did not fail the conditions
<mru> iive: I can count to 5 and then kickban you
<mru> michaelni: I can see this is pointless to discuss further
<michaelni> besides there was a majority that unconditionally wanted to keep me
<mru> I will not reply again
<michaelni> as you wish
<iive> mru: what would you wish michael to do, in order to accept reconciliation?

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