[FFmpeg-devel] Preliminary announcement about the current situation

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Fri Jan 21 03:35:46 CET 2011

On 01/20/2011 04:29 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> People just forgot telling me exactly what to change.
> There was "follow the policy and rules" but i did alraedy follow that
> and my memory of whitespace & style discussions is not long enough to remember
> if i agreed to something that has never been written in the policy, or where
> i agreed to what ...

The best and recent example had been asking to remove the automated
checks for importing libmpcodecs...

>> . I think moving to a decentralized development with more gatekeepers
>> and the explicit presence of branches and fork should help people
>> interested in certain aspect to focus on them. I accept the burden of
>> merging everything myself.
> yes the branch and forkitis is a good thing when there are many people and they
> cant agree on some things

It's apparent that we cannot agree at least on the above mentioned
commit and possibly you aren't liking my work on swscale, hopefully in
the end we could merge the avfilters originated by porting mpcodecs and
a arm accelerated swscale originated by this cleanup.

Git should help fork and merge.

> Has noone considered to actually ask me to fix the issues people see with me?

Did, the result hadn't been exactly great. =\

> Yeah sure i cant change my personality, but i could and planed to come to
> IRC and i think that alone would have reduced the problems quite a bit.

We discussed your presence on IRC a lot...



Luca Barbato

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