[FFmpeg-devel] Donations and what happens with them

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Wed Jan 26 19:08:16 CET 2011

> Anyway, we don't want to kick you or anyone else away. We just want to
> do away with some old habits of development and replace them with - we
> think - better ones.

I'd still like to know what everyone thinks are those better ones are.
Because what I have seen happening is:

- You provoked Michael into leaving, which _seriously_ reduces the
  review capacity
- You removed Michael as maintainer for "anything else" without adding
  anyone, thus essentially making huge parts of FFmpeg umaintained
  (seriously, who would be supposed to kick to get e.g. a patch
   for one of the obscure game formats reviewed if nobody cares otherwise?)
- You said you'd require ok by two developers, essentially doubling review
  effort for all external patches.
- Patches by developers (even maintainers) are supposed to need review,
  too, also increasing review effort and removing the possibility of
  just committing when getting tired of waiting for someone to care.
- Unless I missed it there is not even a proper guide to these rules anywhere.

I haven't even really seen the bikeshedding decrease all that much.
Where you get from that the justification to _still_ have that repository
as the only one on the home page I cannot understand even remotely.
And I am not going to comment on the stuff that reportedly has been
said on IRC (like saying that Michael is trying to fork and suggesting
to apply patches just to discourage him from pulling), because if any of
it is true there are some people there where I can only say: either you're
really bad at jokes or real assholes.

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