[FFmpeg-devel] Donations and what happens with them

Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet reynaldo
Fri Jan 28 06:13:53 CET 2011

Hi guys

Wanted to let this go without stepping in but started to feel uneasy
about not saying what I think.

On 01/27/2011 06:31 PM, compn wrote:
> so you guys want michael to not be leader.
> and michael wants mans and diego to not be root if he is not leader.
> is that it basically? thats the entire list of demands on both sides ?
> doesnt seem so bad.

At the risk of oversimplifying I tend to agree with you here. It
gets quite hard to get things straight while trying to dissect all the
flaming that has been going on. That been said I wanted to state that
having spoken privately with some on both sides of this history I feel
a consensus can be reached and the newly imposed system be modified some
to meet those simple demands. I have deeply enjoyed lurking around both
projects, specially for the chance to learn a few bits from many
I deem far better developers than myself, I would deeply regret seen
anyone leave out of feeling abused or ignored by the way things were
and/or the way things end up being so I'm hoping we can find a way
out of this mess, yes, 'mess'. The current state of affairs, as
productive as the numbers seem to support is still a situation in
which long time friends/coworkers are fighting over at least some
details that can be trade out in the search of a saner environment
to hack on. We used to have a dictatorship in place here in Chile
and while little was known about those who were dying on the streets
you heard a lot about the economy reaching high blue marks, it's quite
faster to go wherever you might be heading when you don't feel you
need to listen those who are left behind. But faster, isn't always

Maybe get Michael in the Reviewers^^Patch Monkeys team? It's hard
to find a technical reason for him not to be among you guys and as
you have explained it is a _technical_ position. He wouldn't be more
of a leader than any of you just because he can actually commit. Then
set a ground rule on anyone from that team not respecting the proposed
review process to be kicked out. By the way, horizontal power structures
aren't all that common in successful management, new leaders tend to
arise no matter how hard you try dampening the process, I understand
that was how Michael reached the position he hold till you took

To the 'where to put the repo' non-issue, well, the way I see it
it doesn't make all that much difference where the code lives as long
as there is ONE repo and the team working on the machine administration
know they work to support the development process and not to guide
it nor alter it in any way. That should be the sole role of the
foundation, if anyone's. Maybe the foundation can take on the choice
of who to *hire* as a sysadmin too? I understand Michael is on
board so he can rightfully vote on the issue.

I know the revolution can't be undone and it shouldn't if it has been
backed up by a majority of the active developers, the thing is I see
no reason why some adjustments can't be made.

Best regards


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