[FFmpeg-devel] to hijack or not to hijack (was: [PATCH] source snapshots back in action since a long time)

Attila Kinali attila
Wed Mar 2 19:34:08 CET 2011

On Wed, 2 Mar 2011 18:22:32 +0100
Nicolas George <nicolas.george at normalesup.org> wrote:

> Le duodi 12 vent?se, an CCXIX, Attila Kinali a ?crit?:
> > > and the bandwidth,
> > Not correct.
> Can you elaborate? Are the bandwidth requirements of ffmpeg so large that
> the foundation could not afford them?

The foundation has money, yes, but not a steady income.
And without it, paying for the BW would amount to financial

> > ffmpeg.org belongs to Fabrice and points to natsuki and...
> > surprise! surprise! To servers owned by my brother and me.
> The target of of DNS record can be trivially changed if necessary, but
> that's not my point.

If this isnt the point....
> My point is this: your argument that you did not hijack the server as it
> belongs to you (I summarize) is void: it's not the server as a piece of
> plastic and metal and moving electrons that matters but the server as target
> of the DNS records.

... how can this be it?

Beside, the discussions here strongly suggest, that this piece of
plastic and metal seems to be pretty important to a lot of people

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