[FFmpeg-devel] to hijack or not to hijack (was: [PATCH] source snapshots back in action since a long time)

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Wed Mar 2 20:36:08 CET 2011

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 07:46:13PM +0100, Attila Kinali wrote:
> But, what do you object? Handling the FFmpeg case? Or our handling
> of the server regarding MPlayer?
> If it's the former, this i regard as FFmpeg internal matters.
> If it's the later, i'd like to ask you to elaborate as i don't
> want that any of this mess affects on how MPlayer development
> continues.

I guess if you insist on splitting it like this I would have to say
only the former (ok, handling of samples/ and broken automated MPlayer
HTML DOCS generation could have been faster but I don't consider it a big
deal), though I think you are too optimistic concerning the possibility
to separate these two.
I had the impression that some MPlayer developers do feel uncomfortable
to contributing to any project on mphq at least for now due to a lack of
trust, and an API incompatibilty between FFmpeg trees may have serious
consequences for MPlayer with a good likelyhood of losing even more developers.
The former could be in so far declared as handling of the "MPlayer server"
as hosting of a "new, controversial" project was started on that server without
MPlayer developers' agreement (not that I see much of point in trying to
lay blame, there's enough to go around to be enough for all).

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