[FFmpeg-trac] #4344(undetermined:new): XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3

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Sat Nov 5 07:55:42 EET 2016

#4344: XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3
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Comment (by edumj):

 Ok, with lower video resolutions (like 320x480 and 640x480) they are also
 cutted, and look exaclty the same size as with 720x576.

 Wiht higher resolutions (like 1440x1080 and 1920x1080) they are full but
 smaller, because they are scaled down and top-center aligned (if I made
 them with DivMux they also scaled down, but appear in an upper position
 because of their 480 height)

 I can make some captures if you want.

 Txt2VobSub makes 720x576 and 720x480 IDX/SUB (acoording to "size" in .idx
 file), but I found out that they really are 720x576 always and they just
 get cutted when .idx says "size: 720x480" (because the lower parts of the
 bitmaps are empty and it's ok to cut at 480). I mean, they must know that
 the max height for XSUB is 480 and they don't put subtitles lower tan

 I'll try what happens with DivXMux and full height 720x576 VobSub
 extracted with Mencoder, because when I extract them with PGCDemux and
 convert to idx/sub with sup2vobsub, upper subs go down and I don't know if
 DivXMux scales down to 640x480 or just aling bottom (but then the upper
 subs should be cutted!?)

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