[FFmpeg-user] Mailing list character sets

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Feb 2 16:24:10 CET 2012

Am 02.02.2012 16:13, schrieb Maurice Randall:
>> so the setting you decided to to is generally useless and one
>> of the examples where amdins making changes without understanding
>> what they are doing
> You are confused. I am not an admin. I don't control the FFMPEG
> mailing list. I am just a user like you.

i am not confused
i know that you are a user

but ON YOUR side you are rejecting randomly

> Mr. Harald, your emails use this: charset=ISO-8859-1

i know because i am from austria

> That is one of several character sets my server accepts. That is a very
> common ACSII based character set. Everyone everywhere will accept and be
> able to read your messages.

i know but this does not change the fact that there are
people out there with names which can not be represented
in ASCII/ISO-8859-1 and so your default configuration
does reject them and it is a joke to think a international
maliling list should be configured should do this too

> Ramble on if you want. I've already fixed my problem.

with one single expection

this does not change a dumb configuration for all other senders

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