[FFmpeg-user] web videos with flv

Maurice Randall maurice at cmdrkey.com
Fri Feb 17 17:51:31 CET 2012

> From: "Reindl Harald"

> in other words: you should not use ".flv" as extension if you use
> H264 and take isteand a mpeg-container!

You should check out Adobe's sight and notice how flv extentions and
flv containers with H264 are fully supported.

If someone needs an flv container and wishes to put H264 in it, then
that is what they should choose. Choosing mpeg container is not
correct when you need an flv. Everyone has a particular purpose, that
is why there is so much variety with FFMPEG.

And by the way, aren't there restrictions on the use of foul language
in this mailing list? Perhaps kids under the age of 15 shouldn't be


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