[FFmpeg-user] how to "play" uncompressed video across an network?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Feb 23 22:24:41 CET 2012

Donald McLachlan <Donald.McLachlan <at> crc.ca> writes:

> > Just to make sure you know:
> > There are many codecs that offer better quality than J2k and 
> > need less computation power for decoding.
> No I don't know.  Can you recommend some we might investigate?

I honestly assumed every codec makes much more sense than J2K because 
current implementations are incredibly slow (and x264 certainly 
offers superior quality).
Did you try FFmpeg's MPEG-4 ASP encoder?
(I would not even rule out the mpeg1video encoder without some tests.)

> I only mentioned J2K as that is what our partners are 
> using/proposing.

That is at least a surprise, but maybe they are using a better 
implementation than the ones I tried so far.


> >> - Is there a container (preferably one supported by mplayer)
> >> that one can put uncompressed video and audio into?
> > avi supports some uncompressed formats, the remaining ones can
> > be encoded into nut, if MPlayer fails for a video that is
> > supported with FFmpeg, please report on mplayer-users.
> I have never heard of nut, so I will have to do my homework 
> on that.

It is the container that was invented inside of FFmpeg, so it 
is possible not many programs except MPlayer and FFmpeg support 
it, but its specification allows to save all raw formats that 
FFmpeg supports, avi only allows a limited set of formats.

Carl Eugen

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