[FFmpeg-user] how to "play" uncompressed video across an network?

Donald McLachlan Donald.McLachlan at crc.ca
Fri Feb 24 15:32:19 CET 2012

On 23/02/2012 4:24 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Donald McLachlan<Donald.McLachlan<at>  crc.ca>  writes:
>>> Just to make sure you know:
>>> There are many codecs that offer better quality than J2k and
>>> need less computation power for decoding.
>> No I don't know.  Can you recommend some we might investigate?
> I honestly assumed every codec makes much more sense than J2K because
> current implementations are incredibly slow (and x264 certainly
> offers superior quality).
> Did you try FFmpeg's MPEG-4 ASP encoder?
> (I would not even rule out the mpeg1video encoder without some tests.)
>> I only mentioned J2K as that is what our partners are
>> using/proposing.
> That is at least a surprise, but maybe they are using a better
> implementation than the ones I tried so far.

Using intoPix hardware  ($$$) encoders/decoders.

>>>> - Is there a container (preferably one supported by mplayer)
>>>> that one can put uncompressed video and audio into?
>>> avi supports some uncompressed formats, the remaining ones can
>>> be encoded into nut, if MPlayer fails for a video that is
>>> supported with FFmpeg, please report on mplayer-users.
>> I have never heard of nut, so I will have to do my homework
>> on that.
> It is the container that was invented inside of FFmpeg, so it
> is possible not many programs except MPlayer and FFmpeg support
> it, but its specification allows to save all raw formats that
> FFmpeg supports, avi only allows a limited set of formats.
> Carl Eugen
Thanks again!

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