[FFmpeg-user] Install FFMPEG with prefix (in CentOS) pls read!

Patryk Moura patryk.moura at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 05:15:08 CET 2012

Hey guys, im tryin to install ffmpeg in my CentOS, ive install all
libraries with disabled-shared and prefix=/home/vamolaco/

My problem is, ffmpeg keeps installing libs at /usr/lib... ive tried to
change the --libdir=/home/vamolaco/lib, shlibdir.... ive tried
enable-static, but ffmpeg again installed libasound.so.2 (link) in /usr/lib
and the libasound.so in the same dir (/usr/lib)... i want to install
everything under the prefix ive setted...

Can you guys help me, pls?
This is a way for me, to install ffmpeg in my webhost that doesnt offer
support for ffmpeg and don´t allow ssh access =(

Thanks in advance!

Best reggards,
Patryk Moura.

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