[FFmpeg-user] Capture android device screen

Navin Math hinavinmath at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 16:44:39 CET 2013

I have downloaded ffmpeg source code and built successfully.

I can capture the screen in ubuntu using following command:
ffmpeg -v 1 -r 25 -f x11grab -s 640x480 -i :0.0+0,0 -vcodec mpeg2video

If i use the above binary in android shell, it throws error invalid x11grab
command. If I pass the --enable-x11grab command while configuring/compiling
 in ubuntu it says X11 not found. What is the problem here.

I wanted to capture android device screen. Is there any special input i
need to specify while compiling. And also what is command to run the
capture screen in android.


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