[FFmpeg-user] ntsc-dvd doesn't default to interlaced.

Andy Civil andycivil at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 08:05:39 CEST 2013

On 2013-07-28 1:28 AM, Mike Brown wrote:
> Interesting.  I never knew that the DVD MPEG-2 video was supposed to be
> BFF.  I alawys thought it was TFF.  But... since pretty much all movies are
> placed on DVD as 23.976p, with pulldown flags, the DVD player will convert
> the MPEG-2 to analog NTSC 2:3 output.

I inferred it from the Wikipedia page on NTSC
"By convention an NTSC video frame is considered to start with an even field 
followed by an odd field."

> As far as being normal as possible... the person who plays the DVD could
> care less which field is first, as long as it plays correctly on the analog
> TV.  If played on a computer, or any other display, it isn't going to make
> a difference.

I guess you mean "couldn't care less"?

You may be right, but this video is actually going to be played on Grandma's LCD 
television in Britain (A PAL country). I have observed that NTSC DVDs I make 
work correctly in her DVD player, but I don't know exactly how. Therefore, I 
don't dare mess with the NTSC standard, in case the equipment assumes anything. 
I could make a DVD which is essentially NTSC but TFF and it could work on my 
computer, but her DVD player might ignore the TFF flag and assume it's BFF with 
disasterous results.


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