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Adriano Pallavicino adrianopallavicino at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 18:55:53 CET 2014

Thank you Stefano, I'll do some tests to figure out the best solution (and
the stability).
Thank you again for your precious help, cheers


2014/1/4 Stefano Sabatini <stefasab at gmail.com>

> On date Saturday 2014-01-04 12:49:24 +0100, Adriano Pallavicino wrote:
> > Hi, I need to transmit an audio stream (realtime) from a remote device
> > (over IP) to a Server, able to record the stream on a local storage and
> > stream again the original source - or a recorded chunk of data - to a
> > Client device. Device, Server and Clients are physically separated.
> > I was thinking of using ffmpeg on Device to stream OGG sound to the
> server
> > (what kind of stream protocol I should use?).
> > On Server side I was thinking of using ffserver and on Client side
> > ffplay.
> You can use HTTP to stream from device to ffserver, and RTSP or HTTP
> to stream from ffserver to device.
> To record the stream, you need an external recorder to get the
> ffserver stream (you can use ffmpeg acting as HTTP/RTSP client). Since
> you don't know when the device will start to stream, you need a
> synchronization mechanism to start to record (basically to play the
> stream) as soon as the device will start to stream.
> Alternatively you can use multiple ffmpeg outputs to stream AND record
> on the device at the same time. Note also that by default ffserver
> will store the input stream locally, but the size of the file is
> usually limited (but you can set the filesize limit to an arbitrary
> high value).
> Note: ffserver is not completely reliable so you may need some tests
> to make sure it will work correctly, or you may consider an
> alternative FLOSS solution like icecast.
> > Is my idea correct? Any suggestion is appreciated.
> > Thank you for your time and attention, regards
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Adriano Pallavicino

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