[FFmpeg-user] Converting vhs to dvd

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Aug 10 00:08:06 CEST 2015

Le duodi 22 thermidor, an CCXXIII, jd1008 a écrit :
> I am wondering if ffmpeg or some similar software can grab the data off of
> the USB port

FFmpeg does not have drivers for USB devices.

If the people who designed that thing have three interconnected neurons,
they would have made it using the standard USB video interface, and if you
plug it in a Linux box it will appear as a V4L2 device, just like an USB
webcam. [Cynicism] Considering the condition at the beginning of this
sentence, you can see it is very unlikely. But if that happens, FFmpeg can
read it.

If it does not use the standard USB video interface, you may get lucky and
find someone who reverse-engineered the protocol to make a driver. It may
even already be in standard kernels. If you do find it, it will probably be
possible to interface it with FFmpeg.

> and save it as an iso file to be urned onto a DVD.

FFmpeg can convert the video it can read into any format, including the MPEG
streams necessary for a DVD. Authoring the menus and filesystem structure is
for another tool, possibly dvdauthor. Note that getting a DVD-Video that
actually works with hardware players can be quite tricky; I urge you to find
a player that can read more modern formats.


  Nicolas George
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