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Hi all,
Sorry if this seems off topic, but I do not know what other list to turn to.

I saw this item:


Quality is a relative thing. If you really care about quality conversion you wouldn't use a $10 USB interface/adapter. How many tapes are you converting? 

which comes only with windows software to grab the input from the usb adapter and save
it as an iso file.

I do not run windows. I am running Linux (Fedora). 

ISO files are very specific. Ffmpeg doesn't make DVD ISO files. 

I am wondering if ffmpeg or some similar software can grab the data off of the
USB port and save it as an iso file to be urned onto a DVD.

There are professional interfaces used by Industrial companies which cost $thousands. That do a much more precise capture and conversion. 

If you really want to do it with ffmpeg then you will need another program to make the DVD after ffmpeg makes the mpeg2 video files from the captured video and audio. 

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Thank you for your help.

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