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Ioan Stan Ioan.Stan at accesa.eu
Wed Dec 11 16:15:47 CET 2013


I want to use FFmpeg library in a closed-source application on windows and I have some questions regarded to licensing:

1.       Let's suppose that I have a library a.dll that is linked statically or dynamically (uses some functionality) with FFmpeg. Another library b.dll is linked dynamically with a.dll. An application App.exe uses b.dll as a plug-in (loads the plug-in at runtime).
In this scenario does  a.dll, b.dll or App.exe become under LGPLv2.1 or later ? Does the source code corresponding to a.dll, b.dll and App.exe become under LGPLv2.1 or later ?
In case the answer is yes, which of these libraries becomes under LGPLv2.1 or later ? Which part of the source code (used to compile above libraries) become under LGPLv2.1 or later?

2.       Also, if we want to provide, together with our application, a not-modified copy of FFmpeg, took from your FFmpeg's web page or compiled and linked by us, can our work still be considered a "work that uses the library"  ?
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