[Libav-user] Licensing question

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Dec 11 16:47:19 CET 2013

Ioan Stan <Ioan.Stan at ...> writes:

> 2.      
> Also, if we want to provide, together with our application, 
> a not-modified copy of FFmpeg, took from your FFmpeg’s web 
> page or compiled and linked by us, can our work still be 
> considered a “work that uses the library”  ?


Do you mean FFmpeg or ffmpeg?

If you mean ffmpeg (the application) and if your application 
is not linked to libavcodec etc. but if your application simply 
calls ("exec") ffmpeg, then none of the usual obligations are 
relevant for your application.
Don't forget that if you distribute ffmpeg (the application) 
you are responsible for providing the exact source code you 
used to compile the executable (we do not offer executables, 
you therefore cannot download them from FFmpeg's web page) and 
you have to make sure that your users know that ffmpeg was 
installed and under which license it was installed. (Please 
don't claim that you "own" FFmpeg, we read this in practically 
every EULA.)

Concerning "not-modified" (just to make 100% sure): You have 
the right to modify FFmpeg, it makes no difference if you 
modify it or not. (I am just adding this because some people 
seem to believe that it does make a difference and your 
question could imply that you also think so.)

Concerning your first question: I suspect it also contains a 
typo, at least I cannot parse it, please try to ask again 
with a little more information.

Carl Eugen

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