[Libav-user] Noise on mms-stream playing

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Feb 5 18:04:17 CET 2013

Alexey Belkevich <belkevich at ...> writes:

> Unfortunately it's can't be done. FFMpeg is only decoder, 
> all playback routine done with iOS SDK.
> But I will try to think in this direction. Is console log 
> of decoding and connection could be helpful? Also, is any 
> flag or macros that will enable more detailed console 
> output of ffmpeg?

Please stop top-posting!

Iirc, you wrote that ffplay works on your desktop for the 
given stream.
Does ffmpeg (ffmpeg -i yourstream out.wav) also work?
If yes, please provide complete, uncut console output.

Next step: Compile ffmpeg (the application) for your 
iDevice (it has no additional requirements, so there is 
no reason why it should not compile fine). Then test the 
same command as above on your device and report if the 
output (wav) file is correct.

(If I did not understand correctly and your stream can 
actually not be decoded on your desktop system, then 
this should be analyzed: It will be significantly simpler 
to reproduce / fix.)

Carl Eugen

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