[Libav-user] Noise on mms-stream playing

Alexey Belkevich belkevich at mlsdev.com
Wed Feb 6 10:29:06 CET 2013

> Alexey Belkevich <belkevich at ...> writes:
> > Unfortunately it's can't be done. FFMpeg is only decoder, 
> > all playback routine done with iOS SDK.
> > But I will try to think in this direction. Is console log 
> > of decoding and connection could be helpful? Also, is any 
> > flag or macros that will enable more detailed console 
> > output of ffmpeg?
> > 
> Please stop top-posting!
> Iirc, you wrote that ffplay works on your desktop for the 
> given stream.
> Does ffmpeg (ffmpeg -i yourstream out.wav) also work?
> If yes, please provide complete, uncut console output.
> Next step: Compile ffmpeg (the application) for your 
> iDevice (it has no additional requirements, so there is 
> no reason why it should not compile fine). Then test the 
> same command as above on your device and report if the 
> output (wav) file is correct.
> (If I did not understand correctly and your stream can 
> actually not be decoded on your desktop system, then 
> this should be analyzed: It will be significantly simpler 
> to reproduce / fix.)
> Carl Eugen
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I've checked output.wav for both architectures,and everything is correct. Looks like it's problem in my code. 
Thanks for help!
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