[Libav-user] Noise on mms-stream playing

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Feb 6 11:13:24 CET 2013

Alexey Belkevich <belkevich at ...> writes:

> > Does ffmpeg (ffmpeg -i yourstream out.wav) also work?

> > If yes, please provide complete, uncut console output.

Please believe me that I do not copy-paste that and 
that I do not write this to make your life more 
difficult but because it is needed to get support!

> I've checked output.wav for both architectures, 
> and everything is correct. Looks like it's problem 
> in my code.

My guess is that the decoder you are using changed 
its output format but it's difficult to say, see 

Please fix your quoting, Carl Eugen

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