[Libav-user] Maybe about an MVC decoder

Joris VALETTE joris.valette at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 13:42:33 CET 2013

Hello libav-users/devs !

I have several question related to an hypothetical MVC decoder.

1° Can you tell me whether this 3D video (00001.MTS) is indeed encoded with
H.264/MVC ? => http://dept-info.labri.fr/~charton/pdp/Videos/
If so, how do you get this information ? I'm trying to understand the
concept behind stereoscopic videos and how they are stored.
For now, with the littlesoftware "mediainfo" I can see that there are 4
streams, of which 2 are video streams (1st and 4th). Can you confirm that
the 1st stream is solely for the left eye, and the 4th solely for the right
eye ?

2° If that is the case, I guess the right stream is fully predicted based
on the left one. Is there a decoder which performs the decompression of the
right stream ?
I have looked and it doesn't seem to be the case, if so, why isn't it
implemented yet ? Too hard, too costly, lack of interest for now ?

Kind regards,
Joris Valette
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