[Libav-user] Windows fails at assertion pkt->size

Timothy Reed treed at what4software.com
Wed Oct 29 02:42:09 CET 2014

Good evening.

I have the same application running on Windows 7 with libraries from Zeranoe and Linux Mint with a build of FFMPEG from GIT source.  

My code is the same on both platforms and I am trying to add KLV to a MPEG-2 TS.  Under Linux it works with out any issues, the KLV is added to the video and the video is sent out.  

But on Windows, when I goto write the KLV packet to the frame I get the following error:
Assertion pkt->size == ((-214748367 -1) / 3 * 2 + (int)sizeof(AVFrame))

Where did I go wrong?  What should I be looking at to correct this?


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