[Libav-user] statically linking x264 and x265 into ffmpeg

Peter Steinbach steinbach at scionics.de
Fri Sep 16 15:45:44 EEST 2016

>> mmmh, from what you are saying I might sarcastically (the AE/UE meaning)

ups, a typo on my side, I meant AE/BE ... American English/British English.

> The ldflags you provided helped on your system (and I don't mean the
> path) and for your use-case, I am not convinced they will help everybody
> (with similar needs).
> (--disable-shared is the default, so using it in your configure line makes
> no difference)

Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up.
>> Anyhow, the flags I posted produce static libraries only that contain PIC.
>> And that was what I was after.
> If --enable-pic really made a difference, you should ask yourself again
> (carefully) if that's really what you want.
> (Note that enable-pic is the default on x86-64 and cannot be turned off
> afair, it hurts on x86-32 and cannot do what people want because
> FFmpeg binaries are not position independent on x86-32, no matter
> the pic option.)

Wow, that is really good to know for my use case.
Thanks -

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